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Interior Wraps


The cleanest process of modifying an interiors finish. No noise, no dust and no waste


With the process requiring low downtime, an area can be transformed within a couple of hours depending on the surface involved


With a variety of finishes and textures available with over a 1000 wood shades and effects along with stone, marble, leather we are sure we have a match!

Benefits of Interior wrapping

Possibilities are endless

With over 4000 different choices in effect we are sure we have something for you. Finnishes vary from plain colours, leather & stone effect along with textured fine wood’s

Milky wood?

A common problem is that the UV dries out the wood within the boat causing it do discolour, bow and delaminate. Interior wrapping can prevent this!

Dated Interior?

Why not change things up? Is your interior looking a bit dated? Are you looking to protect the surfaces? we can help!

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